Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Bits here and there of me

Let me introduce myself here.

My name is Goh Yi-Tsiang. You people can just call me Yi-Tsiang ( yee xiang).
Well, i'm the second child in my family. I have an elder sister and a younger brother.
My hometown is located at the east coast of Malaysia which is Kuantan. I love Kuantan so much that i actually dont feel like leaving this place to study in other place.

Yea, I'm currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Northern University of Malaysia. And will be graduating in one year with Bachelor of Banking(Hons).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once a year

On my Big Day, there are two groups of people celebrated for me. It was such a blessings to me. I never expect that they'll remember this day.

At 12am sharp, my blockmates celebrated for me. Of course, I was fooled by them around like nobody. cake ware, water war and cream war. But still we have fun that night. They were 15 of them, a big group.

In the evening, my brothers and sisters from FGC called me up for a simple dinner in Bistro River View. They treated me with Chicken Chop and a cup of beverage from Cool Blog. They are nice but the servings are small. =(
This time, i was questioned by them with plenty of questions. One i remembered the most was Partner's requirement. I gave them a few requirements.
These are the other questions:
What food you like the most?
Will you miss me when you graduated?? (i'm still wondering and guessing who is this)
Do you think Angeline and Eugene are the best couple?
and the last one is Who is the prettiest in FCG?

I enjoyed the jokes and funny stuffs by Simon and Xien. It's such a blessings to have you guys around me. .if we could know each others earlier by few years, that definately would more fun. =)

Some of them also called me late night to wish me. Thank you very much for remembering this day.

Horrible Timetable!!

Next semester Timetable:

5 days of lectures in a week!! It's so tiring and bored! Anyone can save me??

Sunday and Wednesday
BWBB3073 - Treasury Management

Monday and Thursday
BWRS2013 - Takaful
BWFF3073 - Personal Finance
BWBB3043 - Banking Securities
BWBB3053 - Marketing Financial Services

BPME1013 - Principles of Marketing
BWRR3033 - Risk Management

7 subjects again for the next semester. Nothing much to hope for. but just hoping that i can cope with it.

People out there, Good luck and All The Best in your future undertakings. =)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kampung Siam Dinner!!

Yesterday, 20th Feb 2011 me and my banker friends went for a dinner at Jitra. We have 24 of us in the dinner. This dinner was planned to gather all bankers and draw each other closer. For me, i can said that the dinner was quite successful as I don't know few of the bankers existence. We don't have enough time to chit chat with each other. But we do have enough time for photo shootings, crazy with this session man. . HAHAHAHA!!!!! The foods were just satisfactory only, not really very nice. *disappointed*

24 UUM Bankers @ Thai A0

Ordering dishes~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Carnivall!!!

The carnival is a water theme park where located in Sungai Petani. We had 30 of us in this outing. I'm very blessed to have them in my life. We had a great time together throughout the whole outing.

First activity was Tele-match among us. We were divided into 4 groups. Filling up the pail with a bocor container, racing in the water and hula hoop in the water. The most tiring and toughest activity was the racing in the water. But my group is the Champion of this match!! Well done team!!

After the tele-match, we had our lunch. The food was disappointed. However, we had a great time with HIM in the praise and worship time. Praise tthe Lord!!!

Now is the time to Rock & Roll with the brothers and sisters!! *excited*
Yeah!! we played the slides, tubes and some water activities.

In the evening, we cleaned up and ready for our dinner. We had dinner somewhere nearby The Carnival. We celebrated the January, February and March Babies Birthday

Friday, February 11, 2011

DiNnEr TiME!!!!

Wo0h0o. .dinner time!!! Grandma purposely went market to buy ingredients for steamboat in the late evening. This steamboat is for me, since i'm leaving my hometown, Kuantan back to UUM. It's awesome with the yong taufu, prawns, meats, porks and so on. I'm so grateful to have such nice granny with me. .

All of us manage to finished up all the foods. I am full now!!

Is that all for me?? Of course not, Honeydew special coming~ *beap beap*

It's Melting!!!


Famous Ice Beverage Stall located at the beach.

Wanna try?? Date me and I'll bring you there. . =p

Gotta sleep by now. .t0odles

Getting Started With Blogging Life

This would be the very first time to blog here after 22 years living in this Planet Earth. Friends started blogging years ago, part of them started decades ago.

Hah, question here : What makes me turned into a blogger?? Anyone?? . . . Well, its because this is part of my assignment.

Let's explore my life. .

Exploring the blog site and educated by my great master from "CHINA" *hahahhaha*

And at the same time, YOUTUBE for US Billboard. =)

That's the end of my blogging day 1. =D